Nichols Outboard Engineering

102 Ducktown St
Soddy Daisy, TN 37379


  Nichols Outboard Engineering: Complete machine shop services for outboard motors.

The accuracy and reliability of our machine work is why boat dealers, racers, and individual boat owners from all over the country ship their outboard engines to Nichols Outboard Engineering.

Our services range from specialized modifications of high performance racing outboard engines, to rebuilding blown outboard engines on fishing and pleasure boats.

Racers come to us because with racing motors turning 10,000+ RPM there is no margin for error. We put the same precision into stock outboards. That is why many of our customers are boat dealers and repair shops. When they need machine work they know they will have to stand behind the work so they choose Nichols Outboard Engineering for boring, sleeving, porting and other serious machine work.

If you have a blown outboard motor you can ship us the entire engine or take it to your regular mechanic and request Nichols outboard engineering for the machine work. Most shops send the block out for machine work so you might as well get the best, your final cost will probably be about the same and you can rest easy knowing the core of your rebuild is rock solid.

Time to call Paul Nichols...

Coming soon: photos and lots of really cool information...But We're working on motors right now, so this will have to wait.

Articles we are working on:

-How and why to properly beak in your new or rebuilt outboard engine.

-Tips for getting the most life out of your outboard engine.

- Just who is Paul Nichols and what has he done? (hint: speed records, work with engine and boat manufactures, all around great guy)

- Why you will never hear us say "remanufacture" or "core charge"

- Understanding the workings of a 2 stroke boat motor

- Why some rebuilt motors run and last like a new motor but others fail in a short time.

- Options for increasing the performance of your racing engine.


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